I'm Pursuing my Complaints n Filed Case Against Abusers - Dessimination contradicting the alarming scandal and slanders, scams againts me!!! 


Isang mapag-paunlad na pagbati sa lahat……….

God and Jesus and Mother Mary Light Bless you all……

The Purpose of this Posting is to exercise my Rights and dessiminate and promote, criticize constructively, comments and get help to our Good Government, PNP and Any Enforcement and Specially to People, civil society, and Free legal assistance ( Private Prosecutor )  against on the abuses on me. Everyone would learn this experience of abuses and be aware on abusers like this and not be abused and stop those animal and pest abusers by the Good Government and any person who has know how to do the good and legal against abuses and criminality. And this dessiminations and promotions are contradicting and opposing, blocking the abusers abuses on their alarming scandal, slanders, abuses and accusations, un-legal act against me, etc., and save my life and future and everyone who will be the victim of abuses by them..

MY Biography

I’m Herbert Curia a Bachelor, an Accountant elder son of a retired teachers from our Home Town Province of Quezon. I reside mostly in Manila renting and working there as employee - Accountant.  We are 6 in the family 3 brothers and 2 sisters and me all of them are married have kids and have stable life and employees, except me.  The guys are seaman overseas worker and aircraft maintenance and the girls are accountant like me and a Journalist – Teacher also in our town.      

Abuses on Me and Highlights of My Complaints in the Government and Charges

As of Now I am pursuing my complaints against the abusive Police and civilians abuse me and make crimes and violations of law on me......Its hard to complain in our government there are so many abusive and the process are slow the whitewash are worstly be observed.  As of now the abusers on me are not stopping their abuses on me and crimes and violations of law and Human Rights still they are harassing me daily..

I hope the law serve the government well in fair justice and stop those abuses on me and put them in jail its been 13 years of continues abusing at me and still they are abusing and no one in the government stop those abusive civilians and also a government enforcers and for all those years only paranoid and crazy will make accusations like that and they must be stopped for pesting me ruining my life and everybody were affected by them......

My complaints is my hope if the government take actions against them....Specially God help me make this government agency to take actions against abusers who abuse me.......I hope those abuser might stop and did not abuse any body else.......The abusive Police and Civilians are making violence and disturbance in the society and civil disobedience etc.........

Me and My family and innocent people suffers much in this abusiveness and crimes on me and to my family and people.........my family were afraid much in this abusive and anybody............I hope the people are being get awake against the abusiveness of those abusers and the government and people stop them by themselves which no one is trying to stop the criminality and abusiveness of them..... I hope the government stop those abusers also in the government enforcement and those civilians who has many influences and no one stop their crimes and abuses........

Those abusers are very delusional Paranoid on abusing at me.........They are accusing much and slander me anything bad they even reverse their craziness against me....They make so much alarming scandal and stalkings........slandering stalking harassing my work, applying a job in manila  and worstly they are life threats on me threatening and attempting on my life on their abusiveness of accusations......I hope this abusiveness would stop and there is no crimes abusiveness they continue to do even worst I mentioned......

I was being abused and accused of Arson since 1998 to 2011 by abusive “paranoid” Delusional Police and Civilians conspirators and their connivance, accessories and accomplices, influenced directly and indirectly abuse on the reckless imprudence Fire incident happened in our place in Quezon, which the abusive Police and civilians are delusional on accusations of arson on the reckless imprudence of fire incident happened in our place and it was started on1998 up to present 2016 continuously for almost 18 years of abuses and they abuse me in different places I went like Manila, and I make patience and make suffer “pagtitiis”, so much ignoring, avoiding them on the abuses on me up to now and during 2001 in first quarter I try to file the case in CHR Manila, But the Abusers  abused me much and I filed it formally during 2007 but the CHR–NCR officials and response and actions were very bias and “magulo” I pulled out the complained and refiled in CHR Region IV during 2010 and Refiled it again in may 2013 and for actions up to now 2016.  There is only two actions they have to do first they will resolved the entire complaints and file it in court and arrest the complained person and secondly in my complaints I make request to focus on the daily harassment on me and specially applying a job, any abuses etc. to stopped the abusive Police and Civilians abusing me, still my complaints there is no actions taken yet by CHR.  Mula nuong magkaroon ng insidenteng sunog dito samin ay grabe akong inabusong pinagbintangan sa insidenteng sunog na nangyari dito samin at pinalalabas pa nilang nasisiraan ako ng ulo at sinisiraan ng kung ano ano pang masasama at pinagtangkaan pa buhay ko at ginulo pagapply ko ng trabaho at patuloy nila akong ginugulo araw-araw, pagkaingayan, takutin, siraang puri, bosohan sa pagbibintang nila etc., etc. Hindi lamang ako basta pinagbintangan sa loob ng 13 years mula 1998 to 2011 on entirely crimes at nanahimik sila na may bintang o guluhin ako sa ibat ibang panahon, ang masaklap nito inaraw-araw akong abusuhin na pagbintangan sa sunog mula 1998-2011 at gawan ng kung ano anong krimen at pangabuso hindi ako basta minsan minsan lang pinagbibintangan mula 1998 patuloy akong pinagbintangan na nagdudulot ng perwisyo sakin. Read the highlights of complaints below…….At imbestigahan pati ng CHR at Gobyerno gawain sa buhay nitong nangsiipangabuso sakin bago pa mangyari pangaabuso at itong panahon ng kanilang pangaabuso ng malaman nila kung anong klaseng salot mga yan maliban sa pangaabuso sakin.

The highlights of my complaints starting 1998-2016 were the conspirator police and civilians conniving to each other and their accomplices and accessories are very abusive Delusional paranoid continuously Abuse on accusations of Arson on me and slandering me and abuse me reversing their mental paranoid disorders on accusations of arson, slandering much anything also and two of the accomplices civilians make different surprise attempted murder on me attacking me Physically many times and resulting to serious physical injuries on me and throwing stones directly on me inside the house resulting to damage to our jalousy window property scattered for miss throw at my back head level and two times miss throw in Comfort Room head level also etc., etc., some handed weaponizing stones were not throw facing on me on the attempted different attacks destructed by some people who will caught the attack and the abusers Grave threatening me much attacking our house and making serious physical injuries on me, threatening shouting on me always to kill me and harm me to throw stone on me and will shoot gun on me etc. etc, throw stone in our house and roof and wall cieling, any threatening to harm and kill me on their accusations of arson and they are very paranoid abusive forcing me as stated attacks and threats to admit their accusations or arson and anything bad, etc., They make So much Alarming scandal “pagkakaingay””pagkakalat ng bintang” and slanders and libel anything, psychological harassment on accusations, harassing by stalking and slandering anything bad like kesyo "tatakbo"  or "tatakas" or running on their accusations and accusing me in anywhere places, establishments I go etc., and harassing stalking destroying libeling on my profession on applying a job and the worst of all they are not content on wrecking my life they reverse their craziness, paranoia on accusations or arson abusing and slandering me of having mental disorder on applying a work. They also abuse of obstruction of justice and etc., to people on their accusations of arson.  The abuses also are harassing me daily from small and medium crimes of shouting, alarming scandal and public scandal by shouting and any noise destructions and threats etc.,, slanders and pepping tom in our house on abuses on accusations of arson, threatening of shouting and any threatening noise in things and voice, harassing and grave threats of throwing stones in our roof and wall ceiling on accusations of arson, time to time almost daily and very crazy rudely slandering on my private parts on pepping tom on me daily in our house and on going anywhere reversing the exhibitionism rudeness of the girls on me in outside house anywhere on their accusations of arson,  to bigger abuses and crimes to me…. Only severe offence is not daily abuses like attempted murder like throwing stone directly on me, attacking me in the road etc., attacking our house, serious Physical injuries and harassing my applications to work, serious grave threats. They abused and violates Human Rights, Penal law, and civil law against me and makes crimes and abuses on me that has to be stopped for good. There are so many crimes and slanders unknown to me and specific, particular slanders of mental disorders they slander and says deceive to anybody they did to me even on applying a JOB that has to investigate by the complained agency in the government and that has to stop for not ruining my life and any body else they are reversing much their mental disorders. For all and any bad saying against me on their abusive accusations of arson and slander of mental disoders in general and in any particular deceptions they did, all of this are not true and it is just an abuses on me o mga pangaabuso at pananamantala lamang pagbibintang sakin huwag kayong paloloko at papatanga sa mga praning na mga yan sa kanilang kaabusaduhan pagbibintang sa sunog. Obviously they can not face me in reversing their mental disoder and accusations or arson during the start of their abuses on my application of work in manila, they were just fabricating slandering and abusing and very paranoid on accusations, read below their very abusive reversing of mental disorders.

Ang masaklap nga nito simula nung 1998 hanggang ngayon 2016 ay patuloy na ginugulo at inabuso ako pagbintangan mula sa bahay namin at lugar namin at pati sa mga pagaapply ko ng trabaho grabe sira nila at kapraningan nila sa pagapply ko ng trabaho at mula dito sa lugar namin at tirahan o residence namin at pati sa pagaapply ko ng trabaho sa maynila at pagpunta ko sa maynila o saan mang lugar at mga pag-reside ko duon ay ginulo nila ako inistalk at inabuso at hinarass ng kung ano anong krimen at pinagtangkaan pa buhay ko as highlighted above grabe peste at perwisyo at animal mga ito.  Isang malaking kasiraan na nila itong panggugulo mula sa pagaapply ko ng trabaho at kauna unahan nilang ginawang kabaliwan sa kapraningan nila pagbibintang sakin kung saan ay ginulo nga ako sa pagapply at pinagbibintangan ako at sinisiran pa akong sira ulo obviously sa bintang nila at  kesyo “pinapalabas nilang nasisiran ako ng ulo at isang particular na kesyo nasisiraan na naghahalucinate ako sa ABS-CBN na kinukuharaan ng camera anywhere at kung ano ano pang kasiraan ng ulo mula 1998 sa pagapply ko ng trabaho at simula ng pagbibintang nila subalit itoy pawang imbento lamang nila at cover up o palusot sa kanilang kasiraan ng ulo o kapraningan pagbibintang sakin na kesyo nawitnesan nila ako or colloquially napicturan nila at inaabuso at sinisiraang kesyo "tatakbo pa" or "tatakas" sa kanilang kaabusaduhan pagbibintang sa sunog etc etc”  napraning sila sa pagwiwitness pagbibintang at pinapalabas na nasisiraan naman ako na kinukuhaan ng kamera o kinukuhaan ng picture mga pawang pambabaliktad lang ito ng kasiraan nila ng utak sa pagbibintang at dati na nialgn sira sa ulo, ang ABS-CBN na nakasabwat nila ay nakigulo lamang simula 2008 to present 2011 after akong magreklamo sa XXX nuong 2008 din ngunit hindi ako inaksyunan at eto pa nakuha ko sa kanila at nakigulo sila sa pagapply ko nito lang 2010 na pawang malinaw na pangaabuso krimen harassment sa pagbibintang sakin ang pakikigulo nilang yun at ayon sa mga abusado dito samin sa kanilang alarming scandal o pagkakaingay ay ipinapakita daw nila sira ulo ako sa ABS eh hibang sila para magsarswela ng ganun at isinama pa nila ABS sa pagapply ko upang guluhin ako, hindi man sila humarap sakin pati itong abusado eh grabe ang commotions at harassment sakin sa pagapply ng trabaho, read statement below. Isipin nating lahat na paano makapagaapply ang isang sira ulo o anumang me klase ng sira sa ulo at angkop pa sa kanyang propesyon at kung saan ay tinawagan pa ako ng kumpanya na aking pinagaplayan para sa isang final na interview na lang upang tanggapin ako, for formality na lang ito at trabaho na, ayun nagulo pa ng mga sira ulong praning pagbibintang, at kung sira ulo ako ayon sa mga salarin paninira sakin hindi na ako makakapagapply pa o makakapasa sa screening man lang ng pinagaapplyan ko o malaman ang opening nila. Praning na praning sila pagisipan ako ng masama dun sa pagapply ko at siraan pa nila ako at ilagay kame sa delikado at alanganin pati yung mga kumpanya na pinagapplyan ko at mga kapwa nagapply grabe kaming biktima dito at peste itong mga ito na perwisyo sa ekonomiya at idadahilan pa nila bintang nila which they can’t face me legally but abusing my back at obviously nuong simula pa lang dapat hinarang na nila ako pagapply papuntang maynila at ipinakulong pagbibintang nila sa sunog at ipinamental sa paninira nilang sira ulo subalit hindi nila nagawa dahil nasisiran lang sila pagbibintang at obvious sila ipamental ako nun dahil nambabaliktad lang sila ng sira ng ulo nila sa kahibangan nila pagbibintang upang palusot nila ito at nitong magreklamo ako upang ipakulong sila ay pinwersa na nila akong baliktarin ng pamentalan, read below. Ang ginagawa nila ay mangabuso sa kalsada at kung ano ano mga bagay na kaabusaduhan at illegal at krimen na hindi nila ako maharap ng legal.

Some worst abuses on me and when the ABS-CBN paranoid employees accomplices connived to the abusers favor the abusers to abuse me from 2008 to present 2016, it was During my applications in a Call Center Company in 2010 this is the start the ABS-CBN employee accomplices and accessories connive with the abusers harrased my applications in JOB, I applied in Three different companies the abusers harassed me much with their contacts person in ABS-CBN during that time of applications and going into Manila, on the company in Ortigas the Abusers and ABS-CBN connived to them make harassment on me rudely there, their accomplice crazy civilians harassing and attempted murder me in our in our Town were shouted me much there in the office of the company I am applying during applications and if I am not mistaken he is the one shouting there or other with same voice shouting at me, the crazy accessories were instructed by the conspirator abuser and the ABS accomplices to shout on me during the applications very rudely as part of their abuses and set-up on me and their sarswela and harassments abuses, alibi and palusot and pushing me deeper on accusations of arson clearly and all the connived persons watching pepping tom and counting my moves one by one and the harasser accomplices I mention and others shouting rudely o ‘bastos” saying “magpupump yan” “erected ang privates parts nyan” etc., etc., rudely abuse on sexuality and private parts and shout “nilabasan yan” the harasser were reading my lips very paranoid and crazy try to get some of my thinking and shouting saying that I mur-mur that bad things during applications they are very sick and paranoid will shout during my applications reasoning I mur mur bad things and during were in testing in computer room the lady office employee of the company giving the tests making rude gesture showing her behind “ASS” very rude in front of us which she is near in me and when I noticed it I said my self “bastos nito” some of male crew in the office suddenly enter In the door room very fast and very paranoid on my murmur and very sick on their set-up and go beside me make some low voice against me or “parinig’ saying “gago” they sick paranoid doing that rude set-up and the ABS and the civilians think of all that paranoid set-up against me during applications are very crazy and paranoid they are ruining and libeling during my applications and any other violations of law and human rights on what they do against me during applications. Is it a natural in applicatons and a correct accommodations of applicants?, it is very clear that there is abuses and the abusers are crazy shouting in the  office and they can not put it in box to hide it and reverse their craziness doing it to me I hope the harassments, abuses, shouting etc., is recorded in company CCTV if they have, they are sick doing this craziness of shouting in the street in our home also for 13 years reversing their craziness on me on their accusations simply everybody were fooled that they are reversed their crazineness on their delusional paranoid accusations of arson even shouting at pinapalabas nila na ako pinagbibintangan nila na sira ang ulo “pinapalabas nilang naghahalucinate ako sa ABS-CBN na kinukuharaan ng camera anywhere or pinipicturan subalit itoy pawang imbento lamang nila at cover up at palusot sa kanilang kasiraan ng ulo kapraningan pagbibintang sakin at panggugulo sa kung saan-saang lugar at kesyo nawitnesan nila ako or colloquially napicturan nila ako etc etc” and on what ever particular craziness para magsarswela pa sila puro palusot lamang ang lahat ng iyan at pawang kasiraan din nila wag tayong maging bago sa imbestigasyon at pagresolba ng isang kirmen at ganitong sitwasyon kakaiba itong mga siraulong ito pero litag at kitang kita mga kabaliwan nila kung hindi ka papatanlak at papatanga sa kanila. On those things they do even the company accept me in the JOB it is not right I will complaints also to government agency on their foolishess and harassments and it is vey clear of abuses of what they did during applying in JOB. 

They are very liable on their crazines and paranoiah abuses on me and must be arrest and jailed and they also did that in other companies I applied during that time shouted on me rudely and any bad against me much inside the company office pretending that there is no commotions and the other co applicants pretend of ignoring but some are have low voice of bad saying just only the other one company they did not make any shouting, the Abusers and ABS are fooling those companies in the abuses on me on the accusations of arson making a sarsuela and set-up at their own interest etc “upang palabasin na nasisiraan ako ng ulo sa ganoong sitwasyon subalit isang malinaw na kabaliwan nila yan pagbibintang nila sa sunog at gumawa sila ng panggugulo sa pagapply ko at mga ganoong klase ng ng panghaharass duon sa pagapply ko at mangatwiran sila ng kasiraan ng ulo at pagsasarswela ng mga nasabing ginawa nilang kabaliwang pangyayari sa pagapply ko, sinong matinong pulisya o media at sibilyan ang gagawa ng ganung pagbibintang na pangaabuso at illigal kundi praning lamang na kagaya nila at grabe nilang nadala yung kumpanya sa kanilang mga palabas at kabalbalan sa aking pagapply at sana ay may CCTV camera yung mga kumpanya na iyon na maiisubmit sa kinauukulan specially sa CHR upang may ebidensya sa kabaliwan na pinaggagagawa itong ABS at mga abusadong civilian at Pulis at connive persons na nanggugulo sakin at magpahayag din iyong mga empleyado na kanilang pinaghahangal duon sa kumpanya na aking pinagaplayan sa kanilang panggugulo sakin, dapat ay makuhaan ng statement ng CHR ang lahat ng napagaplayan ko upang tumestigo at magbigay ng pahayag sa kanilang kahibangang panghaharass sakin.

“sa tingin ninyo tatanggapin ba ako nung kumpanya o alin mang kumpanya sa panggugulo pagbibintang pangaabuso nila sakin at paninirang puri nila sakin sa pagaapply ko ng kung ano-ano at maliwanag naman na mali at kasiraan yung ginawa nila di ba at wala silang dahilan gawain yun lalo na kung paiiralin ang aking karapatan at ating batas at hustisya?”walang makapigil sa kabaliwan nilang ito abusuhin ako sa aking pagapply at pagpunta sa ibat ibang lugar na pinapaaksyunan ko na sa CHR subalit napakabagal ng pagaksyun kung saan during that time may reklamo na ako at may aksun na sana silang dapat nagawa laban dito at pati nga sa ABS ay may reklamo din ako nung 2008 na mapaawat itong ganitong pangyayari sa pagapply ko na iinabauso ako pagbintangan at guluhin at palabasing siraulo sa ABS-CBN bago pa magkabintangan at ang ginawa ng ABS ay hindi inaksyunan ang aking reklamo sa kanila sa XXX at pinanigan ang paninira nilang sira ulo sakin at tinolerate pa panggugulo at nakisarswela pa grabe” at dahilan din nitong ABS-CBN kailangan daw nilang may surveillance para sa aksyun ayun malinaw na may isusurvielance sila sa aking pagapply bugok talaga iyang mga abusado ng ABS na yan kung inaksyunan nila reklamo ko natigil na sana itong mga abusado “siguro isang rason nila eh accountant lang ako o pangopisina lang propesyon ko kaya hindi inaksyunan ng ABS at pinanigan ang pagbibintang sakin at patigilin sila paninira abay grabe silang matapobre at namimili ng aaksyunan at palakasan pa ang pagrererklamo yung me kakilala ang malakas” at wala na sanang ganitong gulo eh tinolerate pa nila mula 2008 kay WOWOWEEat dun pa sa pagapply ko last year lang 2010 at pag desiminate ng indirect na masama salita laban sakin sa istasyon nila sa TV kung  saan ang sinasabi nila sa TV ay pawang mga paninirang ibinulong ko daw at masamang kilos ko daw at mga pangaabuso sakin pagbibintang at kung ano ano paninirang puri at ikakasama ng pagkatao ko sa pagbibintang nila etc etc ganun kasira ulo yung kasabwat nila sa istasyon na yan upang magere ng indirect saying na bulong ko daw, magsasama sa kulungan itong mga siraulong tiga ABS na pumatol sa mga abusadong ito at magtigil sila at panawagan sa management ng ABS CBN na suriin nila bakuran nila at kung ano anong kawalanghiyaan ang ginagawa empleyado nila pati sa simpleng tao kagaya ko winalanghiya at inabuso nila marami pa issue o scam na walang maagrabyado na mapagkakakitaan at pagkakainteresan ng tao at katutuwaan para panuorin sila wag sa pangaabuso at paninira ng tao at wag sila magtulugtulugan hingil dito at simula ito kay WOWOWEE at MYX nung 2008 ang kahibangang iyan nung andyan pa siya sa ABS at hanggang ngayon patuloy nanggugulo naghaharass sakin ABS at MYX sa pageere ng indirect saying na masasama laban sakin sa kanilang istasyon ng telebisyon sa ibat iba nilang programa na ibinulong ko daw at ikinilos ko ng masama at mga kung ano anong paninirang mga bintang sakin, kasabay nito ang pangugugulo sakin nitong mga sibilyang nanggugulo naman sakin dito sa lugar namin na siyang nagbibigay ng impormasyong masamang bulong at Kilos ko daw pagbibintang sakin sa ABS-CBN  and as stated above violations of law and harassments hindi lang ABS ang hibang na pumatol sa sibilyang nanggaabuso sakin kundi grabe nanloko ABS ng iba pang channel tungkol dito sa scandal na ito sa kanilang pagbibintang upang maki-scandal sa kanila ang pinakamasama eh nitong 2010 ay nakigulo na pati pagapply ko hindi lang magere ng indirect saying sa kanilang programa ng mga iginugulo ibinibintang isinisira at inaalarming scandal at iniskandlo sakin ng kapitbahay ko dito o lahat ng pangaabuso sakin ”.  I am dessiminating to people and civil society don’t be alarmed and specially believe in them on their craziness accusations on me they are just paranoid and avoid them and if you witness this scenario again abusing me in any manner or threatened any people on the accusations or arson against me or any abuses and report it to the CHR below contact numbers or any good police to stop them, Just put in you mind even many people could embrace me for good we are all in hand of God never be deceived by the evil abusers on me and never believe on their accusations and slanders on me doing any bad and crimes..……

Again don’t get be paranoid like them on their alarming scandal in any life threatening and anything slanders against me they are the one life threats to me and to people not me on the abusive accusations or arson its clear they are abusing it is not a procedures of law and human rights on what they are doing to me and any explanations of them, those police are know in making stories and set-up they could create stories out of accusations on me etc having any life threats etc to abuse me and put my life in danger and life threats and anybody. Puro kasinungalingan lang lahat at paninira at kapraningan at kahibangan lang nila sinasabi nila sakin pagbibintang sa sunog at maging paninirang sira ulo anuman ito ay pawang paninira lamang at kahibangan nila. May mga espisipiko akong nabanggit dito na kinokontra ko sapagakat itoy paninira at panggugulo lang at pangaabuso halos napaka general at highlights lang itong mga nabanggit ko dito upang ilahad pangaabuso sakin pagbibintang at contradiksyon ito sa kanilang alarming scandal pagbibintang sakin at ng hindi makaabuso at makaloko ng sinumang tao ang mga ito sa pangaabuso pagbibintang sakin, ulol na ang mga abusadong sibilyan at pulisya pagaalarming scandal pagbibintang sakin upang magkalat ng laban sakin at gumawa ng masama sakin lalo na pag pumupunta ako sa ibat ibang lugar at ang side ko at boses ko ay hindi man lamang alam ng sinuman laban sa kanilang pagbibintang sakin ang paglalahathalang ito ay sana ay maunawaan ng civil society at makakabasa nito upang mapatigil natin ang ganitong karahasan at pangaabuso ng pagbibintang at abusong pampupulis at suportahan ang legal procedures of the law at legal na aking reklamo ang mabute laban sa abusadong pulis at sibilyan pagbibintang upang hindi sila makaperwisyo sa sinuman at lipunan contact the CHR an my number below. 

On what the Abusive Police and civilians and connive people are doing to me, they are already doing and initiating the attack on me continuesly on their abuses of accusations of arson, from the accusations itself, shouting and threatening and doing monitoring, pepping tom and some physical contacts, confrontations, pixations, rudeness, exhibitionism, shouting, slanders and slanders by deeds and threats and any mode of abusive accusations of arson etc., all of those are initiating of fighting and bad engagements and any abuses and the worst is the life threatening abusive attacks on me on policing on abusive accusations of arson, they abuse me in any open situations and even in our house and I don’t have any strength against them and return defense just like that or initiate attack to them, I just avoiding, snobbing them in any confrontations and fighting and any attack by them is my first flexibility moves against them and complaints them to police and get peoples attention to stop them seeking help, or making diplomacy to them to stop in the extreme situations, which means any one crazy like them could abuse on me in life threats or kill me and harm me if they are directed to kill me or make any harm me or any abuses if doesn’t avoid and stop and respond by police and I’m not first and will make initiate any attack fighting to them in open alone and to anybody and ever since I don’t initiate fighting to return back fighting on their abuses of accusations of arson, they are many abusers and I’m not crazy like them, only my complaints actions and Police respond to them I will lean and the Good Police and Government protections on the People or civilians like me I will lean and the prayer to our God to save me and like this promotions, dessiminations to contradict them and promote encourage to people not to be impart of their paranoid accusations that would influenced them to abuse me also instead know the law and human rights and stop them and report them in CHR the agency I am complaining or any good police and I am getting help to Good government to take actions on this matter and the Civil society to stop them not joining them and advise them to face me in CHR and Legal manner.

These abusers are making so much alarming scandal on accusations on me deceiving people and the people, civil society, Government must hear my side in this matter on any peaceful means and legal contradicting them so the people are not be deceive against me and not be alarmed on the accusations and life threats situations etc abuses the government also I am complaining know the situation that those peole are making alarming scandal against me they have to make dessiminations againt those scandal against me the ruining and alarming people and making social disturbanceI am not crazy like them will shout in the road and say I’m a good person or say bad countering them on their saying on me any bad “masama ka” etc., and this scenario happened also in our church during mass in province they shouted me there accusing on arson stating bad or ‘any masama ka” “Pinagmumura ako” and making rude on me and there is no good samaritan in the church stopped them ruining the mass in the church and Temple of God establishing good which the abusers are clearly wrong on that what do you think they are right doing it in church?, what this people think on themselves saint on accusing me in the church like that, they are evil abusive not a saint “pati ba naman pagdadasal at pananampalataya ginulo pa nila, evildoers talaga upang pigilan ang paghingi ko ng saklolo sa Diyos upang matigil sila kaabusaduhan sakin at kung kaninong tao, at siguro hindi naman ako tutulungan ng Diyos sa masama kung alam nila gawain ng Diyos” isipin mo simbahan na yang pinuntahan ko siguro pag napalapit ako sa basurahan ewan ko kung anong kabaliwan pa magagawa nila gawin kang basura o isalvage ka ng mga ito!!!!, those making alarming scandal on me shouting and maiingay in open to harass me and any kind like stalking to make alarming scandal shouting that slandering a bad person or sumisigaw sila na “masama ka specifically in any bad things”.  I hope those people are lights by God and Jesus and Mother Mary defending me during I am having church and promoting there also in Bible.  In one scenario I am applying a JOB I have nothing to say any that I’m doing good in applying but sadly they are very paranoid delusional harassing me in applying and saying anything bad to me on their accusations etc as what I’ve said earlier. Simply I’m getting JOB to live but they are making me as life threat on their accusation and making me crazy reversing their craziness how sick they are…….    

Grabe lang talagang pinapalabas akong sira ulo nitong mga kapulisan at mga siraulong sibilyan sa kanilang kapraningan pagbibintang at idiin din ako na siraulo na gumagawa ng krimen at kesyo gagawa pa ng krimen at delikado subalit nambabaliktad lang sila, eh sila itong delikadong siraulo na abusado upang ako ay guluhin, absuhin at gawan ng krimen simple as that kung matino sila ay hinarap nila akong legal.  Sila lang ang ganito kasira ulo mag - bintang at pati pagapply ko eh ginulo di pako tinigilan mula 1998 hanggang ngayon 2016 at aking inirequest at ipi follow up sa CHR itong mga sitwasyon na ito upang patigilin itong mga abusado sa patuloy na panggugulo nila pagapply ko at pamumuhay ko.  Nadadala nila itong pinagapplayan ko upang masira nila kredibilidad ko at malinaw na hindi ako matanggap as kaabusaduhan nila at dapat maawat sila upang di nila masira buhay ko sa kabaliwan nila.  Unang una matatakot yung kumpanya dun sa bintang at mawawalan ng kumpiyansa sakin yung kumpanya para hindi na ako tanggapin pa at kung ano ano pang impresyon ang maari nila isipin sakin.  Grabe nilang sinira buhay ko mula 1998 hanggang ngayon 2011 ginulo nila at siniraan ako sa aking pagapply at patuloy ito sa panggugulo nila sa pagapply ko at ibat ibang mahahalaga sa buhay ko na upang sirain nila buhay maliban sa pangaraw araw na buhay na gulo at paninira nila sakin sa lipunan at dapat aksyunan ng CHR at gobyerno at masaklap nga pinalabas pa akong sira ulo at pinagtangakaan pa buhay ko, how ironic and animal and pest those abusers Police and Civilians on abusing on accusations of arson on me etc, dapat lang silang patigilin at ipakulong sa grabe nilang kaabusaduhan  mabute at buhay pa ako at hindi ganun kamasyado pinsala sa katawan ko pampeperwisyo nila, mga bali sa braso na napagaling din naman at hindi nagdulot ng  permanenteng damages at gayundin sa pananamantala nung ako ay nagpapagamot sa maselang parte ng katawan nuong 2005 na hanggang nitong 2013 ay may physical damages pa na aking iniinda na animoy tinorture ako sa maselang parte ng katawan ko pagbibintang nila lately lang gualing itong perwisyo sa genital ko at maayos na akong nakakalakad o kung saan hindi ako makalakad ng maayos dahil sa masisira ang genital ko at masakit of course at nakakaharap na ako sa hangin ng electric fan na dati hindi pwede dahil nagmemelt ang ari ko o sobrang nalambot at nadikit siya sa underwear na ikinasisira ng laman nito at ito ang malaking problema at perwisyo sakin.  Sa ngayon skin diseases naman mula 2014 up to now 2016 na gawa ng pangsusuffocate sakin mula 2005 to now 2016 at kung ano anong epekto ng mga pangpeperwisyo ng kalusugan ko kung saan bago gumaling itong genital ko namaga ang hita ko parehas for almost 2 years from 2011 to 2013 at nung gumaling pati gential ko gumaling na rin totally nitong 2014.

Inspite of those abuses I continues my life, my perspective in life from 1998 to present 2011 and now I am posting this messages for my complaints to get help and promoting contradicting their alarming scandal slanders and abuses on me and exercising my rights against them and the Rule of the law.   

During 2000 October to December they attempted murder me attack me time to time and I suffer serious physical injuries and I went to Manila for medical treatment of the injuriesand during the treatment and recovery for several months I try to complained in CHR Quezon City, Metro Manila the abuses on me and the CHR said make an affidavit or Complaints Statements and file it for investigations and actions but vehemently I was force to Psychological hospitalizations in Private Hospital for 10 days during that time 2001 last week of July to first week of August how ironic it is, the abusers avoiding the punishment on my complaints the abusers are tic tac toe obviously on my complaints which they do this ironic abuses of psychological forced hospitalizations, They forced, threats  and pressures and influenced my parents to against me, specially and ironically for forced Psychiatric hospitalizations, myparents are their hope for reversing their history of craziness and craziness of accusations etc against me and avoid their punishment to face on my complaints.  “pinalalabas nila akong sira ulo at nagsimula ito nung magbintang sila nung 1998 hanggang ngayon 2011 at nampwersa na ipa psychiatric hospital ako nitong 2001 nung nagreklamo ako sa kanilang kaabusaduhan at kasiraan pagbibintang at pagtatangka sa buhay”.  “napakaobvious pati na nung magkaroon ng insidente ng sunog bigla na lamang naninirang sirulo mga ito binabaliktad mga sira nilang matatagal na at nagbibintang sa sunog”“Hindi ba obviously paninira at kaabusaduhan ang pagsasabing sira ulo sakin” mula 1998 hanggang ngayon 2016 at idadahilan din nilang matagal nang siraulo yung pinagbibintangan nila kung saan ay dati na at sila itong matagal nang siraulo itong nagbibintang para sa kaalaman ng lahat at unahin muna nila sarili nila pagbintangan sa ganito nilang katwriang kabaliwan”. Gayon Sino siraulo sa amin na dapat ipa-Mental hospital sa kahibanangan nilang yan pagbibintang at highlights of my complaints maliwanag na dapat sila itong ipapsychiatric mga utak sa kanilang delusional at paranoid an pagbibintang at manakit pa magtangka sa buhay ng sa gayon ay hindi sila makaabuso at maakaperwisyo at dapat na lang akysunan ng Gobyerno sa reklamo ko upang makulong itong mga abusadong sibilyan na ito pati pulis na abusado, pag ganito sitwasyon kibang ang gobyerno sa kauri nila at malalakas sa kanila..….…..

Before the Police and civilians tandem policing and accused a person be sure they know to apply Police and Criminal procedures and Human Rights and Law in normal mind flexibility handling cases and situations in standards of procedures to be perform By Police force in any incidents and they must have concrete crimes report to after not just unknown if there is crime or not in aftering accused person just want to prove it to him for maliciousness on him and just an abuse on him and just holding paranoid suspicions in pursuing persons, abide the standards procedures for any Police matters and suspicions for not committing mistakes and abuses and have some respect and “pasintabi sa biktima” and some considerations, what they did in accusations on me is clear abuses and disrespect as owner and pursue me like a delicate criminals already, they have delusional and paranoia and inflexibility on upholding the law, they need Psychiatry for the suspicions to solve their craziness and hallucinating of crimes of arson, If the Abusive Police finished on investigation in cordon and any Investigators on Case or SOCO have Investigations proof of the reckless imprudence or not before aftering any accused, specially me they will not abused me and after me for the reckless imprudence results in the fire incident but without finishing the crime report and they after me delicately abusing andput my life in danger and wrecking it on their paranoid delusional abusive accusations of arson, what happened on their inflexibility not making concrete crime investigations on the incident scene they are being paranoid and delusional aftering a person for reckless imprudence in fire incident happened not aftering a person with concrete basis of crimes happened, as the result also of the final investigations on the incident after abusing me during the applications accused me of arson on the reckless imprucence on the fire incident in our place, they are sick need Psychiatric attentions on aftering a person without a crime and they continues harassing and abusing me up to present hoping to make me commit the crimes, they need mental hospital on their craziness of accusations“maybe they want to ask me question on aftering me in Manila if I see running people huh! they are sick”.  On their mind and hand is just paranoid suspicions basis and they don’t know or forgot the Human Rights of a Person and Penal Law etc., they are abusing on their delusional accusations of arson in the reckless imprudence in fire incident happened in our place and we are also a victim of this reckless imprudence for the damages in our property and the abuses of these crazy Abusive Police and civilians. If the Police standards and procedures are not abiding human rights and law and tailored as what I have said in this statement put it in trash can it is a waste Police procedures and abusive and crazy paranoid procedures and not standard and if the police did not abide the Police procedures oust them in the service they are inflexible and can not uphold the law, the procedures are tailored to resolved and manage peace and order.……

The Complained person abusers are get freak out and delusional paranoid on the reckless imprudence of the fire incident and make abusive accusations and abuses people specially me and from 1998 up to now 2016 they are so much paranoid and freak out delusional abusing on accusations of arson making so much crimes on me that has to stopped and put them in to jail for their crimes and abuses on accusations of arson.

The Abusive Police and Civilians cannot face me legally and formally on their delusional abusive accusations of arson, what they can do is to make abuses on me and to any body, they have to be stopped on their abusiveness.  Do not believe on the abusive police and civiliansthey are just abusing and deceiving, slandering much making alarming scandal and public scandal against me doing bad in the past present and future on their abusive accusations of arson. Everyone must not believe or be influenced on their abusiveness making crimes on me and any, like alarming scandal and slander me much doing bad in the future. Report them in CHR or in NBI and any Good Enforcers in the Government, and any Government Agency on this matter like DOJ, NAPOLCOM etc and Good Media in any abuses on me and to any person abused them and approached them illegally arising this matter and connect to me in any abuses on me beyond my knowledge and any relation to this issues you see and occurrence within your site to stop them and take actions against them they are just abusing against me I have already complaints on process and investigation against them in CHR, remember they are abusive Police and civilians abusing me. See contact number below…..

I hope the people get affected abused by the Police and Civilians abusing me doesn’t blame on me, angry and worstly judged me already and joined the abusers on this situations of their abusive accusations or arson abuses on me and victimize me and others, abusing any people and make any abusive obstructions to them etc and violations of Human Rights, I complained much them in CHR Government agency also in media to stop them and be cooperative and let them nail in jail to stop their abuses and not to abuse any people and do not just get fool by them and abuse by them be aware In this kind of situations. Its not a sin being abuse and victimize by them, they are just sick accusing and pest abusers in society obviously.  Some civilians shouted saying to me do not go outside house even threatening me and in church and pressuring my parents not give me any money on their paranoid accusations, stating the society is getting in trouble to me on their accusations, the abusers are sick, civil society and Government has to stop those abusing me and not me for not having any trouble In society and abuses I’m not doing anything bad and crimes, they are who are doing bad and crimes and abuses that I complained.Many get witness in our town harassing in accusations in Church with rudeness and in Manila in any things I do there specially applying a JOB. Read above on other what they do on me outside our house…..

As of now 2016 from 1998 those people are abusing and I hope you read this dessiminations and be informed and lend some help against abusers and know the truth around this issues on me and be aware and not be abuses and affected by the abusers. I don’t have to say that they are obviously abusing me and unlegal unlawful to me and to society but I have to dessiminate defend my rights and law legally and like this, many are joined and influenced by them against me which is wrong and affecting and abusing me much and other people and the civil society must hear my side in clear proving their obvious abuses on me and any body in the situations happened which is there is alarming scandal and slanders and extreme accusations on me to contradict in this kind of dessiminations and practice of my rights.

This is my voice that has to hear my side by civil society and Government and any good Samaritan to stop their abuses and I am not crazy like them will shout also in the road against them and say I am Good, what really I can do legal is use megaphone and stop them or arrest them as my rights against acts of crimes on their alarming scandal and shouting noise in society and to complaints against them in any Government Agency and do like this voice of dessiminations.

The Abusive paranoid Police and Civilians are very deceptive on their accusations of arson saying being concern to people and Goodness but the reality is not they are just delusional on accusations and making paranoid abusiveness and deceptions doing many crimes and abusesagainst me and other people.  Some saying of them reasoning they are abusing and making wrong and crimes to defend goodness they are crazy and pest in society, they are added to the criminals in our society not concerning people specially innocent and truthfulness and goodness, these people are not prevailing good but destroying and abusing goodness and innocents lives and must stop and put into jail and must not tolerated by society. 

Every one must not believe on their influences and getting sympathy to people and saying being concern to everyone on accusations of arson against me and any crimes against me on this matter and making alarming scandal and many abuses on accusations against me. Report to the stated below CHR or any good Police you know if you are approach and abuse, threats by them of any like obstructions of justice etc. Do not entertain them on any approach against me and any alibi and reasoning they are just abusing and making crimes obviously. What they are doing is not the correct procedures of the Law and Human Rights law and just vehemently abusing. Face me in any legal manners and do not be deceive by them simple as that specially respecting Human Rights of everyone.  Do not be hesitate and become paranoid in facing me like them in influencing any one by them and on alarming scandal doubting also on me again they are just abusing and you can verify it in CHR the Agency I complained their abuses ‘do not expect bad from me conradiksyon sa kanilang paninira sakin huwag padala sa alarming scandal paninira ng masama ng abusadong Pulis at sibiliyan  o pagbibintang nila, nagaabuso lang sila at naprapraning”“Say to them if very menace approaching you anything to face me in CHR and any Police station” they are making un-peace in society and “istorbo at abala at perwisyo”. “be fair and do not be unfair know the good and Law and Human Rights”. I hope everyone doesn’t like to be abused by them like that…..

Again Do not believe the abusive Police and Civilians on their delusional abusive accusations of arson and slandering any thing, any crimes on me and stalking me anywhere,  Pawang nangaabuso lamang sila at naninirang puri at gumagawa ng krimen, nangiistalk at nanloloko ng tao sa kanilang pagbibintang at kung ano ano pang masasamang sinasabi sakin at kung ano anong mga “kaekekan” nila sa buhay.  Ang sinumang makasalamuha nila at naaproachan hinggil sakin o tinakot at ginulo ay ipagbigay alam agad sa CHR sa nakasulat sa ibabang statement upang maaksyunan at kung gustong makatiyak pa ng legal at mabuit para sa aking side ay kuntakin sila maliban sa tahasan at lantarang kitang kitang mali na itong  nangabuso at nanggugulo.  Huwag tayong padala sa alarming scandal nila o masasamang sinasabi at kapraningan nila sa “kilos” lalo na sa kabalbalan nila sa “bulong”Praning na Praning at delusional sila pagaalarming scandal ng pagbibintang sa sunog at pagaalarming scandal ng mga masasamang bulong daw at ikinikilos ko, how sick this people are! Para alarmahin ang tao sa bulong ko na masama daw sa kanilang kabaliwan sa pagbibintang….. 

”naghahalucinate o delusional  ang mga abusadong pulis at sibilyan na nagdidiin saking pulisin ako na may krimen na arson na nangyari sa insidenteng sunog dito samin” “at nirereverse nila ito na gusto nilang palabasin pati na pinaghahalucinatan ko sila sa kanilang mga ginagawang pagbibintang gaya ng pamboboso o pagiimbento nila ng pagwiwitness at pagkakaingay etc. para palusot nila sa ginagawa nilang pangaabuso pagbibintang”

The worst craziness of the Police and Civilians, The civilians pepping tom much on me andshouting very crazy and slander much on me and threats on me on their accusations daily, they make so much alibi “palusot on Pamboboso at pagkakaingay at pananakot etc” and accusations on me and slandering much any thing bad, in past present and future, they make“palusot” of just joking and kidding on the above highlights of crimes and abuses to me on their accusations of arson, they are sick making crime and abuses to me is their jokes.  They are very crazy forcing me shout much bad things and threats me to admit their accusations in murmur or “bulong” on harassing at me and they are very paranoid doing much crimes and abuses on accusations reasoning that I murmur any bad things and will do bad things and did bad things and do much abuses on me, and they are reasoning also in their abusive accusations of arson very paranoid and being delusional like kesyo “tatakbo” “nakita nila o napicturan o nawitnesan” and reversing this craziness by slandering me of being televised daw and pictured and video by camera etc on their crazy accusations and pamboboso and they make this slander and alarming scandal, shouting, stalking, etc  anywhere and do much abuses on me.  what an stupid paranoid set up and craziness by them, all those slanders “binulong ko daw” are machinations by them, gusto nilang palabasin na umamin ako sa bulong sa pananakot at mga pangaaabuso nila at gusto rin nilang palabasin na nasisiraan ako ng ulo na bubulong bulong tapus napakasiraulo andun sila sa bubong ng bahay namin at ding ding namboboso pagbibintang at nananakot in anything nagpipilit pabulungin ako at kesyo bumubulong daw ako, grabeng nauulol na inamin ko sila palage sa bulong huh nabasa daw nila sinasabe ko o bulong ko! they are sick on their abuses and they are contradicting their stories and set-up and make alarming scandal on bulong, malinaw na naprapraning at nababaliw pagdadahilan lamang ng bulong na masama itong mga delusyunal na abusadong sibilyan upang makagawa ng masama at mangabuso sakin at grabe silang nasisiraan ng ulo na sa 13 years nilang pagbibintang at pagpapaamin sa bulong.  At grabeng suportado ng kasabwat nilang pulis itong pagbibintang pagkakaingay at pamboboso at pananakot at paninira ng kung ano anong krimen nila sakin read the highlights above…..

For the Informations of anyone I don’t say anything and bad in “bulong” in my self and to anybody else, in short I don’t think badly in any person and to my self ever since 1998 and up now 2011 and we don’t have to ask a person normal things in what he is whispering or thinking “panggugulo lang nila ito”, they are just very crazy trying to read my lips and machinating and slandering on their accusations at sa pamamaraang kapraningang ito ay nakakaloko sila ng tao sa kanilang pagbibintang at ginagawa nilang sentro ito ng atensyon sa bintang nila, they scam invent of any of my murmur o bulong at ikinilos sa bintang nila at pagafter nila sa pagpapaamin nila at pagpapasama sakin pagbibintang, lahat ng bagay  tiningnan ko sa palagay nila ay nginoy-ngoy ko daw at kahit ano at mga hindi kumpletong salita ang mga bulong na nakukuha nila kagaya lang ng T at M, H at lunok na ginagawa nilang G, at lahat dyan nagsisimula at umiikot ang words sisinisira nila sakin at walang masamang salita na aking ginawa o isang sentence na salitang buo na aking ibinulong na nakuha nila grabeng dinadagdaan nila ito at nagiimbento sila at grabeng silang nanghuhula at nagaakala ng kung ano ano pagbibintang pagpapaamin sa bulong at nambabaliktad  at pinapasama nila ako pati sa kilos kapranigan nila upang subaybayan ito ng tao, at puro sira sa ulo lang nila at mga kaabusaduhang pinaggagawa bila pagbibintang, at mga reklamo ko sa kanila,   gawain nilang masama at tungkol sa kanila  kagaya ng pamboboso nila at pagkakaingay etc etc. at idiomatic expression s pa mga bulong ko na nakukuha nila paputol putol at binabaliktad nila and if you notice what they alarmed is they are saying slander bad to me and running from it simple as that they policing me very paranoid and crazy and also saying to themselves very crazy they read minds like psychic how crazy they are on accusations on me trying to know what it think and say of any admitting of the crimes telling they psychic it on my mind huh! They are paranoid much on their guesing and “akala” "specially very crazy in bulong", maybe they just get some words on opening my lips normal whispers and make presumptions and guessing and conclude and machinate slander bad ideas to do in future or I did in past or bad things and doings to any people etc and specially they are paranoid reading on my movement, I look, I feel, I smell, etc., they are very crazy paranoid guessing on what I did and what to do and slandering of I did bad and will do bad. The abusive Police conspirator and abusive civilians pepping tom “namboboso” on me are delusional and desperately paranoid on their accusations of arsons making “boso” on me and machinate make slander stories on “bulong” as part of their offenses on me. Grabeng napraning at nasisiran ng ulo itong mga salaring abusado kung saan ay 13 years na silang nauulol sa pagbibintang mula 1998 hanggang ngayon 2011 at sira ulo lamang ang magbibintang ng ganito at nangaabuso lang at nababaliw sa karecklesan sa sunog na nangyayari dito samin at pinapalabas nilang ito ay “sinunog”. Napraparaning pagbibintang sila upang pati ngoyngoy ko ay basahin at pilit paaminin ako, naprapraning sila ng pagamin at mga reaksyon na masasama sa pabibintang nila kaya ayun ulol na ulol sa bulong at kilos ako, pati sa pagtulog ko ay hndi ako tinitigilan ng mga sira ulong yan at pilit aninagin ako sa tinutulugan ko at kesyo nagbubulong daw ako ng masama grabeh ba!!! eh nakakumot ako pagtulog pati muka ko nakakumot at nakaoff pa ilaw namin pilit nila ako aninangin  at bosohan pagbibintang nila grabeh sira nila at hahanapan pa ako ng masamang reaksyon dun sa pagkakahiga ko whew dapat sa kanila tranquilizer upang magtino at di praning na namboboso pagbibintang at nampeperwiso na kesyo nagbulong ng masama at sa inaakala nilang bulong na masama ayun magkakaingay sila ng pananakot at mambabato sila sakin at grabe pinupuyat ako magdamag sa gabi at sa umaga naman ay walang humpay na panghaharass!!!....

They pepping tom much in our house even in CR and harassing me threats me reading my lips and any reactions of guilt or opposing acts and they make alarming scandal much shouting of that they say I murmur or whisper or make bulong of any bad things, to any people or to do etc. andharassed me much threats me much and worstly attempted murder me slandering me of murmuring whispering bad or reacting badly, at nangangtwiran na bumulong daw ako ng masama kaya pinagtangkan ako at grabe pang ginulo and very crazy force me to admit and I admit the accusations and any slanders on their accusations of arson, their paranoia on accusations are conceiving very much paranoia to them, they are sick delusional on accusations of arson desperately want to make me guilt admit it in whisper or “bulong” and getting information’s any against me which they can’t face me legally on their accusations or arson because they are just being having delusions and hallucination and paranoid on accusations. “hindi ba isa na naman itong kahibangan at kabaliwan nila pangaabuso sa delusyunal nilang pagbibintang ang mamboso sakin 24 oras araw araw at pilit basahin ang aking mga bulong sa kanilang sapilitang pagbibintang at pagpapaamin at desperado paninira ng kung ano anong bagay at kesyo umamin na daw ako sa bulong at kung ano ano pang mga masasamang bulong ang aking naibulong ayon sa kanilang pagiiskandalo at masasamang pananamantala” at grabe din nilang binosohan ang aking maselang parte ng katawan at binabaliktad ang pageexhibitionism nitong mga babaeng pinambabastos nila sakin maski saan mang lugar at kung ano anong paninirang puri pa ang isinira. “pawang Grabe lang pagiimbento ng paninira ng masama sakin ang mga ito na kesyo ibinulong ko daw at nagdadahilan lamang ng bulong upang gumawa ng masama at lalong makaabuso sakin o kung kanino”.  “Hindi ba isang kasiraan na naman ng ulo ito idadahilan nila na bumulong ako ng masama para abusuhin lalo nila o gawan pa ng masasama pa kesyo sinabi ko raw at panghahawakan nila ito siguro and mabute eh tranquilizer hawakan nila at uminom sila nito upang gumaling kapraningan nila pagbibintang sa sunog at hindi yung binabaliktad pa nila sira nila, kailangan nilang mahimasmasan pagbibintang at animoy piesta at nagwawalang “toro” na susugurin ka o bangaw na aso sa kalsada na sobrang kumahol at mangangagat pa“ sa pagbibintang ang mga ito minuminuto at pati buhay ko ay nagiging delikado sa kabaliwan nila ….”

“Anyway anybody would make whisper against those paranoid on harassing and abusing like that what do you think I will whisper to these crazy abusers like them accusing at me” you don’t have to know, you already know what is in the heart of any body harassed in accusations like that ano pa ba whisper ko sa kanila siguro “minumura ko sila sa bulong sa pangaabuso nila pagbibintang sakin”, at puro sira sa ulo lang nila at mga kaabusaduhang pinaggagawa bila pagbibintang, at mga reklamo ko sa kanila,   gawain nilang masama at tungkol sa kanila  kagaya ng pamboboso nila at pagkakaingay etc etc. mga idiomatic expression pa  mga bulong ko na nakukuha nila ng bahagya at binabaliktad nila ito at hindi ang umamin at nanginginig sa ngongoy sa mga bintang nila how sick they are to force me admit crimes in murmur, hindi kaya nagkamali sila ng dinig huh! Sa mga bitin na bulong at lunok na ikinakapraning nilang hulaan at pagaakalaan at gawing masama wika nga imbestiga nila pagkakaingay hula din nila na kesyo pinalabas nila bulong ko daw, all you gonna do is know what is Human Rights and Legal and Law and good and Right and try to do good around this matter or abuses stopping them and be sure you are mentally fit and not paranoid also like them”…….

I promote to the Government and Police Force hierarchy to continues and strictly teach their police officers to know the Law specially Human Rights abidance and continues their Police procedures with Human Rights and strictly do not make a police works whom they are abusing or make abusive actions and very paranoid or not taking actions. The government has to trained their Police officers to become good police in the Philippine society and not become added to the abusive criminals in Philippine soil.  They must be also Psychologically checked for their Paranoia and being Psycho - MAD or having any mental disorders on Policing.  The flexibility of doing normal and legal by those Police who has mental disorders an uneducated and abusive cannot perform a sharp and flexible and legal in Policing, they will always make mistakes, abuses and perwisyo on Policing. 

Dapat ay itrain mabute ang kapulisan sa decision flexibility at abidance of Police Rules and law they are serving specially Human Rights Policing.  At dapat pagaralan mabuti ng PNP and CHR at Government ang Police Engangement and Criminal investigations and Human Rights abidance upang sa gayon maging itong perpekto sa Policing system ng hindi nakakaabuso at tumaas ang Police Standards at Government Justice System.  Teach and orient the police in Teaching of Bible of being humbleness in life or the ethics in life of humbleness in living and good behaviour of corz in Bible guide is Better in Ethical teachings in life, a simply Democratic humbleness, The MONEY Economic life and LUHO, Vices, kaswapangan, Position grabbing and interest, stardome, and being commit mistakes in Policing getting deeper, and demoralized in societal status and demoralized in the enemy offensive to them, etc. etc.,  are those element of evilness make the police become abusive and they must be teach of Human Rights and Bible so that to learn the motivation of goodness in life and humbleness.  In Human Rights your needs will be given to you, equal economic and etc and if we will unite we will achieve it all in our society and never be abusive and swapang for getting more and teaching you on respect others dignity and the Bible will teach you to behave much and make good life. Remember Human Rights is not just attached in Policing matter it is broad in aspect covers ours Politics, Economic and Social and Cultural Rights and not just individual Rights only.

I Promote to Government of President Aquino from his office down to respective Government offices for any help arising from this matter from a simple people victims like me being abuses and scam, to make a directive, letter, email, FAX, from his office, any of his offices, subordinates, handling this kind of matter or complaints down to root level or respective offices and rule directive the CHR I filed my complained who are not taking actions of my complaints to take actions as soon as possible or make directive to any enforcement agency to take actions on my complaints and talk to me and CHR and joined team to stop the abusers abusing me.  The abuses on me are very widely scandalled, joined by many and it is not good in the society.  I hope some of the staff and connected to president directly might read this posting and promotions to Government and President office, please read it much and have a heart for this complaints.  I hope the government stopped the Police abusers with the civilians on their paranoia on accusations of arson harassing me on applying a job and wrecking my future they are pest on my economic life and economy in this matter and Peace and order in our society they are added in problems menace criminals to resolve in the society.    

The Government and Civil society, Media, any people who will prevail goodness on stopping the abusive police and civilians on their abusive accusations of arson and any abuses on me specially on my work profession and daily life and help save my future and life from the abuses of those abusers as stated above complaints and implement peace and order situation in our society. Advise those abusive Police and civilians, any abusers on me to face my complaints in Legal in CHR and Court and jailed those abuser and advise them do not abuse me anymore and to any body else and face in legal manners. Watch out them as long as the due process and verdict in court are done, see to it that there is fairness to happen and they will be jailed.  Those abusers can not face me legally their paranoid accusations on me they are just abusive paranoid, but I can face them normally and legally any where in any court, any Police and Government agency handling cases even in Media and any palace in civil society and put them in jail and pursuit justice against them. 

In God’s help still I have a life breathing and there is another day as future to rise again and established again inspite of their abuses and wrecked on me and God stopped them abusing me.  And there is always God around, and Lights of God and Jesus and Mother Mary to guide me in new light of Life.  I hope this abuses on me will be stopped and take actions by the Government and the God take their actiosn to stopped those abusers.

In Criticizing CHR Commission on Human Rights they are best in Human Rights Promotions and educations and take actions very fast even in far places like in our province but in taking actions of complaints or Protections actions they are failed and slow on this matter the complainant would suffer much abuse on the abusers and on their slow actions and stupidity, paranoid also and inflexibleness and bias on not taking actions of complaints, Kahit siguro ang reklamo ko lang ay pangaabuso na sinisiraan akong siraulo pati sa trabaho hindi pa nila kayang resolbahin at aksyunan napapaikot pa sila nitong mga suspect o nangbusado sakin pambabaliktad ng sira nila at hindi pa nila maawat itong nanggugulo sakin lalo sa trabaho ang kupad nila. Still I am promoting to Government and CHR the changes and development of CHR implementations and speedy taking actions of complaint and Promoting to entire government ridding of abusers in Government.. Still I am hoping and leaning to complain in CHR inspite of inefficiency of taking actions of my complaints and I want them to resolve it fairly and have a good talk with me and we help each other resolving the abuses on me by the Police and civilians, I hope God lights them to see the just and fairness stopping abuses on me.  

For the Good Samaritan in Government and civil society, Media, Ngo’s, Free Legal Assistance Private Prosecutors want to resolve and help in this matter contact CHR Region IV  (049) – 5625415 Look for Edgar De Luna CHR Head Investigator, Investigating Department and in charge of the case and any in the Investigations Department and Directly talk to the Newly Recent Regional Director of Region IV Atty. Dante Rito and joined the team in their process of resolving the case and make the CHR take actions this complaints with you in possible time and try contact me also at my cp number 94943273729 or email me at Herbert.curia@yahoo.com…….Report to them also on abuses in any person regarding this matter or to any good Police and NBI or Enforcement and Government Agencies.

Ang isang masaklap nito ay kahit kapamilya ko mga kaibigan ko o sinumang mabuting samaritano ay natatakot tulungan ako magreklamo o ipakulong sila at makiawat man lang at kahit sa pamumuhay ko ngayon takot tulungan ako, ni kahit isang kusing na pera ay natatakot akong bigyan ako ng pera o kausapin man lang, sapilitan pa akong manghingi ng pera sa parents ko magmamakaawa at makikiusap pa ako para lamang may magamit pangreklamo at magastos ko sa mga perspektiba ko sa buhay ko at kakainin ko, takot silang madamay sa pagbibintang ng arson sakin at ibat–iba pang sinisira sakin at mag-isa ko lamang hinaharap na ipakulong at patigilin itong sangkaterabang abusadong nagbibintang sakin na ito kaya hanggang ngayon ay pinagtutulungan akong abusuhin at grabe na akong kinakalaban ngayon ng maski sino pumatol sa kanila wag lang silang madamay sa bintang sakin, sarili ko lamang kakayanan ang inaasahan ko ngayon sa aking reklamo at Dasal sa Diyos, grabe pa ginulo pagsisimba ko at pagtatawag ng Santong aawat sa kanila. Grabe nilang dinadamay ang sinumang tao sa pagbibintang sakin kaya takot na tulungan akong ipakulong patigilin man lang itong mga abusadong ito at baka madamay pa sila sa bintang sakin maging itong ahensiya ng CHR o empleyadong aaksyun dito na aking pinagrereklamuhan at inasahan ay praning din sa pandadamay nitong mga abusadong pulis at sibilyan na nanggulo sakin, eh kanino pa ako magrereklamo kung ganyan kahungkag ang kaisipan ng pinagrereklamuhan at sanay magising na sila sa kanilang katangahan at pagiging uto-uto din sa mga pasubali pagiistalk nitong mga nagaabuso sakin. Humingi na ako ng assistance at tulong sa media upang may coverage ng walang takutan at abusuhan pero pawang mga tanga at abusado din itong media nalapitan ko.

Let us unite and help each other against this kind of abuses and avoid abusive Police and Civilians in our society, Know Human Rights and Law and be Psychologically Healthy and Protect the society from abusers or abusive criminals, the highest form of criminals in our society now beware they deceive the goodness, putting themselves in good but scattering evilness…………..

For anyone who likes to use this posts against me face the charges and complaints  in court it is already filed in Government Agency........ 

Protect and Promote Human Rights

God and Jesus and Mother Mary Lights Bless and loves you all…………..

God and Jesus and Holy Spirits and Mother Mary Lights block all abusiveness and evilness against any innocent person and Protect Goodness……  

Human Rights Promotions
Human Rights Promoter


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